Answers to Your Bible Questions


Do you desire a greater understanding of God's Word so you can apply the spiritual lessons learned thousands of years ago to your own life? Designed for both beginning and mature students of God, Answers to Your Bible Questions freely explores thirty-one lessons on wide-ranging and significant biblical subjects, encouraging new dialogue about old ways of thinking.

Minister Wesley Walker includes specific supportive Scriptures in each lesson that answer the most common Bible study questions and provide a valuable outline for Bible study group leaders.

Please feel free to download these Bible study articles from the book Answers to Your Bible Questions by Wesley Walker. It is imparative that you deeply consider the serious issues of human life and Christian doctrines of the Bible — the Word of God and “scripture of truth” (Daniel 10:21). REPENT today of your sins as the truth is revealed to you by God Almighty. When you read and firmly believe the Holy Bible, allow your conscience to be convicted of all wrong doing. Sincerely and humbly ask the Heavenly Father for forgiveness and to guide you into ALL truth with HIS pure and perfect Holy Spirit — the Almighty can certainly be trusted for HE does not lead in the ways of confusion and falsehood. Accept HIS only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, as your personal Savior into your heart, allowing Him to purge ALL your sins and to dwell richly within you.


The Need of Salvation

Humans desperately need a perfect, pure way out of this mess of a sinful world we live in.
The answer is the Just One that God already gave... Christ, the Son of the living God!
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The Love of God

We love HIM because HE first loved us!

Learn more about “the peace of God, which passeth all understanding”.
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Yes, man must actually do something in response to God's offer of forgiveness, salvation and mercy, he must do a complete turn around back to his Maker in every facet of his life upon this earth.
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The New Birth

“BEING BORN AGAIN...” (1 Pet 1:23) AMEN!
Learn to do well” (Isa 1:17)
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Jesus was baptized, we should be also. Let's be bold, accept Christ, put away sin, and be baptized as a public profession of faith.
“...they went down both into the water... he baptized him.” (Acts 8:38)
“...we are buried with Him by baptism into death” (Romans 6:4)
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Saved by Grace

not of works, lest any man...
“shall we continue in sin that grace may abound? God forbid!”
Does the Almighty expect us to sin? Does Christ? Absolutely not.
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The Holy Spirit

The POWER and presense of the Most High God HIMSELF dwelling richly within HIS holy children.
I will dwell in them, and walk in them!” (Amen)
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“Then Peter and the other apostles answered and said, We ought to obey God rather than men!” (Acts 5:29)
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The Ten Commandments

What is the eternal, moral, unchanging law that man seems to keep ignoring, forgetting or rebelling against?
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The Law That Was Nailed to the Cross

Which law? Instead of just taking the word on the street, let's take heed to "thus saith the LORD" and allow the Word of God to show us which law Christ nailed to His cross, and which commandments He did NOT put a nail in.
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The Crucifixion and Resurrection of Christ

Was Jesus resurrected on "Sunday morning"? According to the Bible, certainly not. Does it matter? Of course it does for Christ warns of following false, deceptiive, man-made traditions.
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The Lord's Day

According to the holy scriptures, what's the correct day of weekly worship?
If Satan is the god of this world, then has he cunningly deceived millions with a counterfeit day of "christian worship"?
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Clean and Unclean Meats

If the Almighty created us — and our mouths and teeth — as well as the animals and plants, does HE then have the ultimate say in what we can eat? Absolutely, HE is God alone and HIS ways are right.
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The Tithe

“Will a man rob God?” Malachi 3:8
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The State of the Dead

Jesus said no man has ascended up to heaven. Have people developed a contrary doctrine and teaching?
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The Soul and Punishment of the Wicked

The falsehoods about death puts people's minds in confusion and their hearts in unbelief when they hear the truth. And what is a soul anyway?
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The Rich Man and Lazarus

Man-made tradition and teaching have encouraged people to believe that this story is a fact rather than a parable. A parable is a lesson drawn from an example.
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What Should God's Church Be Called?

When the "people of God" gather together or congregate today for weekly "church" service, what simple Bible phrase do they use that the early "churches" used?
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The Origin of the False Worship Today

Why have man-made customs/traditions become so deeply engrained in our culture? Has the god of this world, Satan, been on a fierce mission to deceive the whole world? Does Satan promote everything that God said, or has he master-minded counterfiet "Christian" doctrines?
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Can We Judge One Another?

Believe it or not, we natually make "judgment calls" every day! If we're honest, we would first judge ourselves by the power of the Holy Spirit.
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Why I Need the Church

Christ said He would build His church upon His rock (upon Himself based on God's standard). We ought to have the earnest love and desire to be a willing, obedient servant in His church, to be a member of His family with the Almighty Heavenly Father as our God.
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Why Is Christ Coming Back?

Is God going to allow sin to continue forever on this planet? Or is HE going to command HIS Son to setup HIS "one-world" heavenly Kingdom of God on earth? Have you made yourself ready to enter that Kingdom of righteousness?
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The Hundred and Forty-Four Thousand

Do only "144,000" people from one denomination go to heaven? No. Consider the formula in Revelation 7:
12 tribes of Israel
x 12,000
= 144,000
(And, do we "go to heaven"?)
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The Two Laws

If God HIMSELF, the Almighty Creator of all, authored and gave two laws, the Law of God and the law of Moses, does man bear the responsibilty to seek and understand the difference between the two?
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The Millennium

Christ is coming with "the wrath of the Lamb" and to dwell and reign on earth for 1,000 years (ten centuries). Be ready now, holy, blameless, free from sin to meet the Savior of the world on His good terms. Don't be caught ashamed.
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The Man-Child

The book of Revelation speaks of a woman giving birth to a man-child. Question is, was this without a doubt an actual literal event in heaven, or is this symbolic language used by God to represent something much bigger in scope?
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The Origin of Satan

Where on earth did the Devil come from?
When was the adversary created?
WHO created him?
Why was the evil enemy of God and Christ created?
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Why We Should Not Keep the Feast Days

What were (paste tense) the feast days for? Were they merely picnics, casual "get togethers" with cookies and refreshments, or church fundraising events, or were they rather strict regulations involving animal sacrifices because of man's sin?
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Feast Days Fulfilled - Part Two

“For it is NOT possible that the blood of bulls and of goats should take away sins.” Hebrews 10:4
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Speaking In Tongues

Are we talking about nonsense and gibberish — unintelligible or meaningless speech — or rather the distinct native languages of people?
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The Beast of Revelation 13

What does the beast with "seven heads and ten horns" and the beast with "two horns" represent?
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